by Bark

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released November 10, 2017


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Hardcore/Punk label & distribution.

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Track Name: To The Test
no rest life has put me to the test
once more thrown into a maze called life
I survived dark corners
with the most coward thieves
I conquered walls but all I found was
just the next alley a cold blood murder
a dead end way again

soaked up by the prying eye
you can't destroy but you can fight
fight to stay free
throw up and spit out
what they try to feed

vigilant! vigilant no time for ignorance
be aware! watch your back!
fight to stay free

I cut every single string
with my sharp mind
coward false the evil wears
a thousand masks
coward and false
Track Name: Doomed To Death
it's a constant struggle
the wawr withing myself and the world
endless fight
doomed to death we run in circles
before we end up in graves
dead end path

I trample down everything
couldn't care fuckin' less
I smash it and kick it

less light
less hope
less freedom
sick world
it's getting hard to cope

it's constant struggle
the war withing myself and the world
endless fight
doomed to death
we run in circles and end up in graves
Track Name: Planet Display
sometimes I need a break
a break to breathe
give me peace
to see the good thinggs in this world

like gold, hard to find
once you get it
keep it safe
defend it with your own blood
this is the dark side of planet display

decisions once up to us
we're slightly losing control
Track Name: Shards
head filled with the darkest thoughts
the nights when you ask yourself
what's the reason of life
the nights when I struggle with myself

I carry this box
filled with shards of a broken love
I can feel them with every step I take
the crunch, the pain, it hurts to the bones
to the bones with every step I take

it's a never ending circle
live love and lose
these things go hand in hand

the feelings of loss
the feelings of desire
how long will it take them
to fade away

can't free my mind that's the reason whay
I try to hard to forget, try so hard to let go
the crunch, the pain, it hurts to the bones
to the nones with every step I take

the good memories will remain girl
hand me shovel now
let me bury these shards of our broken love

no shelter for my heart and soul
face the facts
we all die and rot alone
Track Name: Twisted Minds
the truth is a lie
shut your eyes and die
stop to believe
it's not what it seems
twisted words from the ones
who wanna see you dead

twisted words
covered and fake
feed the blind
and keep them numb

I close my eyes
and shut my mind
what I can't see
I can't despise

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