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Michael Shiver
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Michael Shiver I enjoyed hardcore a lot when I was younger, but drifted away from it as I got older and mellowed out. That having been said, wow! This band's "mission statement" of sorts is to bridge the gap from young to old, scene to scene, and people to people in general. They definitely got me. Favorite track: Ask Yourself.
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released December 31, 2012



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Hardcore/Punk label & distribution.

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Track Name: The Bridge Between
Something has to be done as soon as possible / to change all this lethargic feeling that overruled / all the
excitement, al the effort, all the passion / we all fell in a hole do deep and dark with it / without strength to challenge the outside world /
to see and overcome the depths of all the hate, we created / al the envy, all the disappointment, we just need / the bridge between
young and old / the bridge betwen old and new / the bridge, the bridge, the bridge / the bridge between you and me
Track Name: Ask Yourself
what do we want? / where do we go? / what is the goal? / ask yourself, ask yourself / why do we hide? / what do
we fear? / what is the end? / ask yourself, ask yourself / the answers to al your questions / why don´t you ask yourself / why do we
struggle? / why do we suffer? / why do we die? / ask yourself, ask yourself
Track Name: Temptation Song
in front of this door I stood so many times before / I always hestitated to open it and enter the other side / always
made me tremble in fear / always made me tremble, in fear / a thousand images racing through my mind / a thousand words and no
meaning behind / no meaning behind / as I battle the emotions that rise from the depths of my heart / holding me back to make that one
step too far / one step too far / one step too far
Track Name: No Spirits, No Hearts
I was looking into the void / all I could see is empty thoughts / no spirits, no hearts - nothing at all /
connected by strings about to burst / no relations could be created here / no feelings could be definded here / just awkward moments
not to end / and relief that came when it all stoped / meaningles conversations remain

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