Built To Kill

by Deluminator

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released September 17, 2016



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Hardcore/Punk label & distribution.

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Track Name: Built To Kill
Weekday evening
I’m sitting on the ledge
I’m watching the aircrafts land
remains of a dying planet
a rite to ease the simple minded
It’s all a lie
told to me when i grew up
Face the fact
No wishes become true
I am going to lose it
Finally thrilled
Stop naivety
social association
Don’t even try to BRING me down
I’M on the point of shitting a brick
Support yourself afterwards with some walking sticks
It’s Built to kill
An island for those fucks
build a wall/ drop the bomb
A farewell without pomp
IT IS Built to Kill.
Track Name: Psychic Lability
Have a Look into my eyes/ enter my personal universe/ Knock at the door/ no need to worry/ no need to hurry/ to see my slum sanctuary/ Check out from happiness/ Grim reaper waits for you/ Mental decay/ Dementia prevails/ You paid with your sanity/ Welcome to permanent Dissatisfaction/ Menacing bands of Clouds/ Hopeless walks under the Canopy/ Ruling antipathy/ Cold hearts produce frozen minds/ Every action calls for a reaction/ Pessimism is the mechanism to avoid/ further frustration/ Psychic lability leads me to more aggression/ Psychic lability/ leads me to more and more aggression/ An endless stream of aggression/ I already paid with my sanity/ and you’ll pay with yours/ I already paid with my sanity.
Track Name: The Beginning
DARKNESS is clouding my mind/ HATRED is streaming through my veins/ Unable to move/ Apathetic behaviour/ vengeance IS poisoning my head/ No peaceful thought/ I'm following your dreams/ Your whole future life / a nightmare in the daylight/ NO GLIMPSE OF HOPE/ Just you/ dangling on my servants gallow/ Seeing red/ a flash flood of blood/ Execution seems to be the right way/ out of my emotional obscurity/ You will suffer for this/ As long as you haven't drawn (your) conclusions/ It’s the beginning of what i call execution/ The Beginning/ It’s the beginning of your endless suffering/ I lost my mind/ And you're never gonna fuck with me again/ Don’t even try to fuck with me again.
Track Name: Kingdom Of The Drowned
Down under water/ contraries of the ether/ no light’s reaching the ground/
to places their souls are bound/ It’s a place created in my head/ manifestations of my mental confusion/ Its source is an occult fucking ritual/ to coop up thE non-intellectuaL/ A punishment for inhumane attitudes/ in the biggest thinkable order of magnitude/ Poseidon/ Monarch of Atlantis/ Greatest tormentor of human abyss/ His presence is stronger than i ever thought/ I’m the host, he’s my lord/ The sunken island of stupidity/ Is now surrounded by liquidity/ Kingdom of the drowned/ the place their souls are forever bound/ The sunken island of stupidity/ Now surrounded by liquidity/ Kingdom of the drowned/ the place their souls are forever bound.
Track Name: 129A
Highway Patrol/ Traffic Control/ Hey, Officer Steve/ Fuck the Police/ Illegal Parking/ Non-stop Observing/ and chicanery/ Fuck the Police/ Mayday Mayday/ 44 Chaos days/ Riot all the way/ Fuck the Police/ Reprisals again/ Haven't done anything/ Got a 129A?/ Fuck the Police/ Servants of the state/ insensitive and headless/ Acting under orders/ protecting their borders/ enable protest of the dumb/ counterprotest overcome/ May i see your identity card?/ Sorry Officer, you're fucked up/ I dont fucking like your kind of job/ No one forced you to be a cop.
Track Name: Days Of Chaos
Seeing and smelling the fires burn/ There's no other way than to turn/ Against the system we live in/ and the lasting slavery/ Working ourselves to death/ with nothing in our hands/ than emotional badlands/ I have checked out from being/ I have checked out from being well/ Days of chaos/ coming to life again/ it's the result/ of our strain and pain/ Working ourselves to death/ with nothing in our hands/ the declaration of war has been signed/ fear those who were stigmatized/ by the faith of freedom by the will of/ abolishing capitalism/ the declaration of war has been signed/ IT HAS BEEN SIGNED/ AND fear those who were stigmatized/ DAYS OF CHAOS.
Track Name: Existence Stop
Life feels fragile/ Expecting the worst doesn't change anything/ It’s an addition to the suffering/ Unable to be left alone with my thougHts/ Loneliness - a constant weight/ Still burdening/ Enchained in the glasshouse/ while life is throwing stones at mE/ Existence Stop/ Life's fucked up/ Safety is history/ Certainty is a mystery/ Swallow the bitter pill/ Get back to cold reality/ Get back to cold reality/ Existence Stop/ Life's fucked up/ and will never turn out well/ Digging and digging/ while someone's shitting in the coffin/ My ammunition will be/ struggling against determining my DESTINY/ Existence Stop/ Life's fucked up.
Track Name: Hammer The Wheels
Life is eating me alive/ Constantly scrutinizing/ No time to switch off my head/ It’s a burden of those/ who take care of their fellows/ I need to sort out my mind/ I’ve learned to fear my own kind/ We have to hammer the wheels/ which make this nightmare real/ Hammer The Wheels/ Savagery will catch us all/ It's the dawn of civilizations downfall/ We must hammer the wheels which make this nightmare real/ I am sick to do your bidding/ We must stop this world from spinning/ WE MUST HAMMER THE WHEELS/ HAMMER THE WHEELS.

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