by The Heist

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released January 7, 2015

Farewell Records #27



all rights reserved
Track Name: Intro
I care but I don´t give a fuck! THE HEIST
Track Name: No Clue
the things you spread, the crap you do, the shit you say
so sick of it, heard it before, out of my face
pointing fingers, dash with mud, know who’s to blame
for no longer than a phase around
man, that’s fucking lame
last to come, first to go
no dedication - no heart, no soul
hollow inside, I see right through
nothing to me, I ain’t like you
shut your mouth, if you can’t back up what you say
Track Name: Dead Weight
can´t take no more, whats lieft of us? worth fighting for? puppets on fucking strings, society´s fools, unlearned to think, a braindead nation, ruled by greed, sucked dry, prepare yourself or admit defeat, but I rebuilt myself, get off my back, you´re just dead weight, no one who gives a fuck, you are the ony-you can trust
Track Name: Reason Why
can’t close my eyes, from all that I see, I’ve lost my faith in humanity
feel like a stranger to my own kind, into the abyss, we’re losing our minds
rotting from inside, can’t stand the reason why, this life pass me by
blinded by our own ignorance
Track Name: No Mercy
that shit is real, goes through and through, just pose your image, no cure for fools!, if you don't get it, just step aside, too much of you, who waste my time, said it before, tell it again, you´re bound to fail, this is the end! too much talk, too much shit, tired of that, just gonna quit, heard all the stories, blind leading bling, no mercy for you and your kind!
Track Name: Chain Breaker
who told you life would be easy? struggling to keep up the pace, this world is sick, time won't wait for you, it gonna takes more to surive this rat race, the prison they´ve built, the walls around us, break these chains, enough is enough, you can't bring me down!