Dog Days

by Light It Up

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released November 24, 2012


all rights reserved




Hardcore/Punk label & distribution.

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Track Name: I Against
In search of sleep I scour out my mind. Come with the fear, that I am a slave to mankind. What can I love when there is nothing around? You might as well bury me six-feet-underground. I am driven by desire to see this world upside down. With my back against the wall I have no choice. I am probably a dead horse but not willing to drown. If you tell your lies I can hear the devils voice. Eye for an eye. You keep me locked up and want me swallow your words. I got not your conscience so you will get my reverse. You put your fingers on the wrong neck. I will bite the hand that feeds as the weight grows on my back.
Track Name: Revival
I can`t get a feet on this ground. I stumble through a veil of reflections and hope. I hardly can make from dusk till dawn without to curse myself and your vows. I breathed in every single word of better times and healing. But all you did was stealing. I bite my lip and realize - I am empty handed but alive. I got nothing but rage and I am willing to use it. I will make a fist but hammers will come down. Destroy your world and create my own.
Track Name: Dog Days
I find myself float around from coast to coast, but there is no anchor in this fog of doubts. For so many months, I stuck in this infinity, gasp for air and try to exist. Time has never been an enemy. It is just a weight I cannot see. The heat inside will melt my soul. Against that my skin is cold as life. My heavy heart drags me down. It shows me a side of the world I did not know. I have lost my head so many times. I despised myself and could not believe my own eyes. At this point there is no return. I walk the line with nothing to be concerned. Breathe in – I can feel the struggle inside. I remain an underdog who tries to survive.
Track Name: 0706
As the years move on I try to remember: your laugh, your eyes, the trembling of your hand. 365 days I feel this desire to be closer to you. Instead I hover in this no man`s land. The feeling of losing my heart and soul, brings me down to my knees. I know this world turned its back on you. But let this love not weigh me down. So don`t turn your back on me. Because this memories are enough to let me drown. The feeling of losing my heart and soul, brings me down to my knees. One day cannot fill the hole you left inside of me. Too many years have taken their toll on me. The feeling of losing my heart and soul, brings me down to my knees.
Track Name: Swansong
You are standing at the top staring at the sun. You got the power in your hands but no place to run. The wolves are howling, they come to get what they want. Time is running out, but you`re too naive to understand. Your eyes deceive. Your kingdom is crumbling beneath your feet. I don`t want revenge. I just want your sculp. That`s all I need. I know that it`s always darkest before the dawn. But we are already dead before this ship goes down. Time will heal everything, but time is the illness. I am tired of sleepin’ and sick of this stillness. I know that it`s always darkest before the dawn. But we are already dead before this ship goes down.
Track Name: Vices
The light gets weaker and I can hear the seconds falling. But I cannot stop a wasted day from ending. Walk through time and try to calm myself: “Tomorrow I will leave this shell.” But still every day is the same.
The pulse hammers in my head. But I cannot make it out of bed. Time flies by, I count my breaths. Every single one could be my last. I try to persuade me and to believe my own intentions. They are visions in my head and they hurt more from day to day. Life just drags me down. And I would never have thought it can be so hard to exist. These fears let me despair, they let me drift. Until I know how to survive it.

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