Endure The Pain

by Method Of Proof

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released October 20, 2017



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Hardcore/Punk label & distribution.

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Track Name: Disillusioned
Disillusioned. Came to conclusion, putting trust in your word ain‘t the solution. I just can't help it, I‘m being selfish, trying to feel bad does not seem to help and that‘s all because I know everything you do, it‘s all your you. Your intentions may seem good but they aren‘t true. They are not true. Altruism isn‘t known to anyone here, spending our life‘s in apprehension of fear. One step forward, two steps back. Nature beats nurture. Nature strikes back.
Track Name: Endure The Pain
My flesh in chains. No breaking out of this hell ’cause it’s man-made. Blackest thoughts. Darker than the night, ’cause there’s no moonlight to guide my way. There’s no escape. There’s no way out for me, ’cause as far as I see, I am bound to the earth, come and set me free. Set me free I refuse to build my life on a dream, ’cause my dreams were always too big to become reality. I have no faith,and hope is a lie. All I’ve got left is this hate inside and my flesh in chains. Endure the pain.
Track Name: Days
Days,all lost in a haze. Cut myself loose from a lost world. I think I lost my place. Unsure about my ways. One thousand empty stares, about which should I care. I can tell you are just as empty as me, by the look in your eyes, driven by disbelief. Still on the search, still truthseeking, although I know nothing’s worth believing. You’re born alone and alone you die. Ignorance between makes it all worthwhile. Ignorance is bliss. Nothing’s more true than this.
Track Name: No Time To Rest
I’ve got enough pain to grow dull, black bile is crawling up my throat. Some days just tip you over the edge. No time to rest. Sitting in the dark watching time fly by. Nothing seem’s to change, why should I even try? I really wish I could change my ways. I’m sick of bad blood pumping through my veins. I wish I could change, and stop being in my own way. I wish I would stop wishing, but there’s no time to rest. No time to rest. Bad blood keeps pumping through my veins. I wish I could change. All these times I think about myself, I‘m still stuck in my same old ways. There’s no time to rest. No time to rest.
Track Name: Bad Joke
Digging, seeking,self-contemplating,searching for patterns on a blank wall. Creating, erasing, nothing has substance. Existence itsself, no meaning at all. Life has no, life has no meaning at all. And I am empty I am soulless. I am nothing, I’m laughing about it. Blankness comes with the thoughts in my head. It‘s said: With a life like this,you are better off dead. I came to find it would be way to easy. There are so many worse things left for me, left for me to see. Life is a joke. And I keep laughing. I am empty. I am soulless. I am stone-cold. I stopped to doubt it. Fooling everyone faking everything. Life is a bad joke, I’m laughing loudest
Track Name: Suffering Solitude
My head fucking aches. No chance to think straight. White noise in my ears,before my eyes. What price did I pay? Black cloud in my head. Sometimes I‘d rather be dead,than to think all these thoughts of my ownand to suffer (suffer) in solitude. I got no one to blame for the way I am I fucked myself up. There’s no way back. Black cloud in my head. Sometimes I‘d rather be dead than to walk this fucking path on my own and to suffer (suffer) in solitude spanish shit...Suffering (suffering) Solitude
Track Name: 3-45
This world ran out of sheep to count on. nights and days I lay awake,filled up with self-doubt. Trying so hard to keep pulling myself out of deep but this dark hole is home to me so:I hold my breath ’til I start to faint on sleepless nights and restless days. Too much time spent in my sick mind. When will I find my peace?3:45, wide awake. I‘d like to sleep but I‘m too busy counting my mistakes. Sometimes I wonder how some things so irrellevant can matter that much to me. tell me. I hold my breath ’til I start to faint on sleepless nights and restless days. Too much time spent in my sick mind. When will I find my peace?When will I find my peace?
Track Name: Laid To Rest
The future is set,we all end up dead and with my last breath it’s your face I will laugh at. You think you are so unique,that you’re existence matters but no one sheds a tear when the ashes are scattered. You are worthless and useless just like everyone else but you believe the lies and all the tales they tell of some god in the sky. Oh how can you deny,that in these times we share,no one actually cares? No one cares! And there’s no one up there to clean up the mess we have made and what you think will safe us,to rest, it has been laid. And so shall we. We shall be laid to rest remaining dead
Track Name: Damned To Be Free
Here we fucking go again,things always come out the way, How I already knew they would end. I keep on playing my role in hell,not only fooling you,I’m fooling myself as well, yeah. But that’s not the point. I always seem to forget,how many times I’ve been through this. Constants stay the same just the variables change and I keep rolling that stone uphill,The weight of my fate,it lies heavy on my back. How long will it take,for you to see,I am not myself when you‘re with me. Drown myself in isolation. Lonelieness is my relief. Human touch doesn’t affect me. I’m damned,damned to be free. Damned to be free
Track Name: What Was
Some things can’t be erased. Aching memories still ruin my days.Looked for your eyes in a thousand faces. A jar of broken hearts can not replace this.You didn’t break my heart, you just shattered my ego. What the fuck am I supposed to do?I don’t know
Track Name: Extinction
Humanity didn’t chose it’s fate. Long before we learned to think it has been to late. Origin Sin or pure fucking instinct,it doesn’t matter much. We are destined to go extinct. Destined to go extinct. Extinction! Hellbound, nothing left to decide. Unconcious hallucinations. Dreams of life. God is dead,free will died shortly after. When will we face the mirror? Destined to go extinct. Extinction! It’s up to us how we let this end:mindless fools walking into their own trap. Or we take the blame and with heads held high, we‘ll enter the void. Let’s leave this world behind. Heads held high. Into extinction. Hand in hand,into the void

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