Forced Hand

by The River Card

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released December 28, 2014


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Hardcore/Punk label & distribution.

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Track Name: Form And Follow
hopeless, abused, oppression of our youth, foundations left unstable as they criticise our views. emotion subsides, turning of the tide, bringing to the forefront of our rights. fear of our masters, their knownledge moves straight past us, controlling all we do and all we love. numb to the touch, this feeling in our gut, tensions drive your mind into a rut. the right to conform, our weaknesses are born; the peril from above is closing in. sit back and watch the ticking of the clock, it ticks on so slowly it won't stop. can't sit and wait for us to take the bait, to bite the hand that feeds that makes mistakes. fallen in line, our lives in a bind the need to feel loved is left behing. all that's left behind. all that's left behing. truth hurts, you gotta tell lit like it realy is. life lost, on wasting time from others mistakes.
Track Name: Blind Process
are we doing harm than good, ones with power, the ones misunderstood. society will never understand, justice of our ancestors slips, through our hands. just a cog. turning in this machine. just a cog. turning on whats we truly believe. fooled into thinking we have a choice, burnt out beliefs, no moral voice. always somone pulling the strings, always someone with the upper hand. just a cog, are these really our lives? just a cog, I can't go on forever. this feeling in my stomach is am empty pit of hope. false hope, no hope. or judgement is served on what we believe.
Track Name: Glazed Over
the idea that I can fall so far from grace is backed up by your redundant mind. fear of the path that beckons your way out shadowed by your ignorance. false understanding, makes your life demanding, distraction from the turmoil, think you´re the norm, society accepts you, perfect lie lived out every day. to be so deluded, it must be confusing, you´re scraping out the shit inside your head. and there´s a light, in the back of my mind, it´s showing me the way, the way to be. injustice and greed, the parasites feed, and bring us to our knees, to our knees. why can´t we, trust - in everything, feed - on what we need, forced - into this life, our existence slipping away, if - this is the end, we - have to believe, light - it can be found, where you least expect
Track Name: Forced Hand
forced, forced hand. the path you walk is littered with disease, destruction the force that makes you bleed, to see your fate, your inner beast awakes; weight of you conscious will break. quicksand appears the rout of all your fears, acceptance from your peer, stumbling behind, they´ve stigmatised your kind, and you´re scared to death of the hate in your mind. you´re face to face, with what you deserve, no peace of mind, when will you ever learn. force fed your existence your entire life, choking on the past ´til you go white. a hidden agenda, a basic need to trust is lost on your need to get a rush. I wish there was a way out, for you a glimmer of hope inside your soul. I can´t see past your ignorance, you´re scared to death of the hate in your mind. lock it inside. front up to, the fact your fake, manipulate and mistrust, yeah you take and you take. I can see right through, the smile and lies, turn your fucking back, and wave your goodbyes. your lack of class, your worthless existence, no one will ever miss. your lack of class, and what you turned into. a foced hand approach, that´s losing grip.

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