Heart & Soul

by Something Inside

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released March 18, 2010



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Hardcore/Punk label & distribution.

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Track Name: The Challenge
I close another chapter of my life
and I discover there is more than just happiness
and realization but also fear and sorrow.
How can we appreciate our luck if we dont know the sorrow?
How can we gain realization if we dont face our fears?

Dont ask me where all my life goes, all I know is that
I´ve got a heart that keeps me strong.
It´s the challenge of life to cross the limits in ourselves
and to go so far, further than we ever dared to dream.
Track Name: Refuge
You smile about things that you dont understand.
What happens in your head?
You walk among the living dead..

We seek refuge..

We are five hearts who stand for something.
Something thats seethes inside, something inside.

We seek refuge..
in the things we love and struggle to keep our inner strength.
Track Name: Where The Heart Is
Im scared to open the door to see the hell that we´ve have created and to hear the chains of their addiction for success. Tell me what went wrong! Somethings gone from our souls. How can we feel blame? (because) we have never learnt to appreciate the life. Can we save our world or do we watch motionless as our world is going down in flames. And can I be washed clean from the filth of selfishness? Or have I been stained with with this on my skin forever? But if I see the suffering Im intented to move on and I listen to my heartbeat. Because the truth is where the heart is..
Track Name: Am I Alone
Have you ever felt so alone like I do inside these walls,
filled by people who should like me?
Im looking for answers but there is no reason for
the hatred path they choose.

Am I alone to bring the light back?

For ignorance, that erases all common sense,
I scream until I turn red but my words just fall
unheard the the ground.
Standing on these stages looking into empty eyes.
There is no passion inside these hearts.
Am I alone? Please show me I feel wrong!
Track Name: Suffer & Care
Sometimes life feels like losing,
sometimes life drags you to the ground.
Climbing up and falling down,
there must be more to fight for.

The more you suffer the more it shows you really care!

Hold on close to the friends youve got
and keep on moving strong.
Never let hard times get the best of you.
Never stop searching for the truth!
Track Name: Summer
The summer sun reminds me of the days when it begun.
When I found the passion, when I started to see this world
with different eyes.

Years later Im still counting the days for the summer breeze
to blow the dust off from my memories.

Its obvious that I cant relive these times but I like
to think back to the days. When we made history.
Track Name: Heart & Soul
I dont know how many times I have stood at the abyss.
But I never thought about taking another step because
my heart keeps me trying to dig out my soul of the filth
of manipulation and their lies.

Without my heart - Im just flesh and bones.
Without my soul - Im just an empty body.
And without my opinions Im dead.
With Heart & Soul - Straight Edge.
Track Name: On The Attack
I´m in a struggle, I´m in strife.
I´m through with this goddamn life.
Here I am and I´ve got nothing to loose.
My will to change is what I prove.
Dont tell me now whats up next,
I feel like a letter somebodys text.
I hate the role that I should fill,
I hate the role that I wont fill!

See the future now and dont look back.
This is my philosophy - I´m on the attack.

But wait! There is something more.
I see some reasons that are worth living for.
I have my pride and I got my will,
so put me back on that bill.
Got my crowd, my men in the back.
I got the edge I´m back on track.
Track Name: All I Need
I wasn´t listening anymore..
I wasn´t thinking anymore..
Anger and hate defined me.
Hardness should protect me..

The whole time I´ve never seen
that all I need is inside of me.

I grew older and I´m sick of this circle of coldness.
I´m quite sure how to live because hate creates nothing.. just pain.

I wont be ensleves by anger.
Just focus on duration!
When my destiny overpowers me, it´s my reincarnation.
Track Name: Distance
I feel so far but still so close.
The times we shared - I can't let go.
Memories built with a foundation of stone.
Though we're apart, they're never gone.
Days go by with the passing of time,
But what I've learnt I know is mine.

I know now what it means to care.
Blessed by all the times we've shared.

Distance grows but still it shows
That time can not erase.
The times we cared - the strength we shared.
With common goals in sight.
The bridge we built will stand strong
No matter what flows beneath.
I know we will never forget
All the goals we've reached.

DISTANCE - takes what time gives.
DISTANCE - shows that we will live.
DISTANCE - all of our dreams not based on self.
DISTANCE - connections become our wealth.
Track Name: I Say Goodbye
Where once was light, now darkness falls.
Where once was fire, now coldness rules.
You say goodbye, a new wave washs you away.
It makes me sad because I believed in what you said.

You said goodbye, too many times before.
Now I say goodbye, I say "you didn´t try".

So I take back whats mine.
The music and the values that guide my life.
In the end, for you, it was just a trend.
Now I say goodbye, I say "you didn´t try".

I´m not here to blame but no falling rain
can wash my ideals away.
Track Name: Drowning
A last look into your eyes and I know
there is nothing left to say.
The dust of your empty words
takes my sight, I close my eyes.
I fall into a sea of disappointment.
Drowning in silence..

I wont try to swim, I only wanna drown
with our memories - drowning in silence.
But my heart still beats. It cuts so deep to
rebuilt my life on broken dreams.

I fall into a sea of disappointment - drowning in silence.

But I dont wanna plea for you pity.
So I ignore my tortured heart.
And every step I take, through the dark, seems so unsure.
What do I expect to find?

And one more time I realized that Im nothing without my friends.

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