No Empathy

by Mental Refuse

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released June 2, 2016


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Hardcore/Punk label & distribution.

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Track Name: Grab Back
Lack of realness shines through you!
Long and wide or short and tight, your falsehood makes me sick
Today here, tomorrow there, double-minded prick
Strive for praise, dress up yourself, nothing can unite us
With a person act like you, no substance in your life
A new shitty trend GO!
Grab it, can`t escape from you
Overrate your skills
And mommy paid your boots!!
Track Name: Knife
Start to reflect scumbags news,
Loose our head to this lying blues
Don`t lean back, be a threat and break through your comfort zone
Twisted logic wrecks my soul, every second is under control
Observed world, obtain our lives
Delusive trueness, where is my knife?
Cope the line in this puppet-game
Sick and tired of what they say
Scumbags news, lying blues, now realize
The betrayed us!
Now it`s time
To strike back
Freedom is gone
Step by step
Where is my fucking knife?
Freedom is what they pray
I fed up won`t play their game
I fed up won`t play their game
I fed up won`t play their game
I fed up won`t play their game
Track Name: Take
I lost my faith in the human race!
Level of cruelty, cant believe
Born into suffering and accept their own fate

During their short lives, nothing but hate
Living body-bags, what can we take?
Dignity and life-force everything is robbed
So called food-chain, human race on top

Level of
Born into
Track Name: Burst
You're the ruler of your world, bounded by your sights
Tunnel vision, keep the old, worried all the time
Build a wall of silliness, burst behind you jerk
I am not the one who helps you out, protect your universe
Get Out! Get Out!

What is wrong in your head?
No one really knows.
Do you like decay and death? 'cause your wall grows!!
What fool came up with this idea, we are all the same
Adjust to the crowd with fake problems, you're the one to blame
Empathy for your life, you will never found
Defend your battle-lines you fool, burst and make no sound

Don’t come to us, when you break down and see your world gone mad
MR is here and watch you fall, this is your fucking end!
Get Out!
Track Name: Greed
Overcome the earth like an viking float
It's too late to leave the sinking boat
Hang ourselves we bite the hand that feeds
Fight against what we actually need

No remorse
Wont give in
Greed sealed our fate

Humans are the cancer of earth
Be prepared for what we deserve
Humans are the cancer of earth
Be prepared for what we deserve

No remorse
No insight
No remorse
No insight

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