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Track Name: This Is Who We Are
Free spirits, this is who we are, this is what we always will be
free spirits, for those who didn't believe, free spirits, we are still standing here this is who we are, time flies by and people used to say this wouldn't last but actions speak louder than words and we are still the same standing here this is the only way, we are still standing here, this is the only way now, what the fuck you gonna do? this is real, awakened from the lights our spirits want to fly high, our souls must be free, that is, let us do whatever we want we gotta live our life in our own way, we gotta live our life in our own way Nothing can stop us now, standing strong forever, these words are real this is pure, this is who we are!
Track Name: Never Lower Your Head
A life under shadows, Fearing it’ll happen again. Trying to be the perfect girl. Pleasing him every day, but no matter how hard you tried it was never enough. Suffering from year to year. hiding all this fucking pain. get up and scream your reality, difficult to admit. a million lives lost have no solution we won’t let it happen anymore. your eyes. stay strong. don’t allow him to control your mind. guilty of your fear, your unhappiness.. don’t forget what he did to you. It´s time to make him pay. let’s send him to hell. listen to our words, never lower your head. it’s time to prove yourself. you are more than his maid. if you have to crawl to live get up and die
Track Name: Stay Gold
Have you ever got the feeling that you are living without goals in life?
Friends that left you without goodbyes. Don’t let people bring you down.
Be true to yourself, Know what makes you feel happiness, Set your own rules. Never believe in what they say. We have the future in our hands.
Stay gold. We´ll put these walls between us down. Stay gold.
We have the future in our hands. Stay gold. Let's put these walls between us down. The hopes and dreams we had as kids shouldn’t be hiding.
The dreams are still here, society can’t destroy. The dreams are still here, no one can hide them.
Track Name: WR Crew
Life goes on without asking what we want. And many people crossed our path. Many of them stayed on the wayside. Most of them have joined us for life. No matter the distance always in our hearts. Everyday, we always remember the great moments, the best days. Lasting memories with our gang. United by passion, by sacrifice and our love for something called hardcore. We Ride Crew. You’ll never find one of us alone. You’ll never find one of us without support. We are always where and when they need us. Cause this is more than a passing friendship. Sometimes we travel a hundred miles together. Other times just one hour to a show. People straight edge Dtd guys. Sisters and brothers always having fun. It doesn´t matter who you are. Do what you love. Although the hard times. This is what we live for. Creating bonds not faking smiles. Do what you love. Leaving the past behind and moving. Always looking ahead. Keep in mind the positive mind. PMA. This is my crew this is what I live for.
This is my crew and I’m poud of it.
Track Name: Cruel Fight
The world is cruel, it has the devil inside. Our destination in a fight.
Manipulated ´till we lose life. Don’t you care? Lift your hands up. Something to fight for. Struggle your regrets. Life is running. Struggle your regrets. The world is cruel. It has the devil inside. Our destination in a fight. Manipulated ´till we lose life. Don’t you care?. Struggle your regrets.
Track Name: Guilty
They are the kings, who control everything. They own the major media worldwide. Bankers of the usa. Who declares wars and social upheavals. Terrorist financing. Murderers of presidents. Massive arms dealers. They are above everyone and everything. Guilty of murder Guilty of disaster. Guilty of the shitty world in which we live. Guilty of war. Guilty of consumption. Guilty society can’t see the truth. Guilty of treason against we the people. Guilty of being tied to political whims
FED offenders. They think no one notices, which will be able to always do what they want. Powerful banks protected by law. Blaming society for what they do. Your facts are criminal. Guilty the future will be worse than the past.
Track Name: On The Edge
On the edge! We always have the PMA, leaving behind all the hate
but this has reached the limit, never forget never forgive, no more excuses. it's time to shout and rise against, all these injustices, never forget never forgive. it's time to start the fight, taking care of what is ours, the world is crying. let's dry the tears, we are living on the edge, what happens if it breaks down. On the edge, breaking it down, on the edge. A world anchored by apathy, indifference reigns minds, industry has transformed the way people live, since a few years ago, grey future, dark world where machines replace hard working people. grey future, dark world where machines are over exploiting natural resources
on the edge, watchin everything falling down, on the edge
enough is enough, there is nothing left for us here
Track Name: Expectations Died
Disappointment inside. Expectations died. I’m so sick of all your lies. Failed tries. This time you can eat your words. I won’t believe any of them. Now it’s too late. Eat your motherfucking words. I won’t believe any of them. Eat your motherfucking words. I know I’m always your regret. This is my last fake smile. I will never save you again. Watch me walk away. This is my true goodbye. This time is my time. I´ll never look back. Now I don’t give a fuck about yesterday. I want to leave the past behind,
leave it all behind. Now I am the one that regrets everything. Now I have my friends by my side, making me feel alive. Eat your motherfucking words now
Track Name: Betrayal
I don’t want your fake smile in front of me. What the fuck is wrong with you?
Why did you try to fool me? Now I know that I don’t want your fake smile in front of me.
What the fuck is wrong with you? Why did you try to fool me?
Now I know the thruth, who you are. And what you really think,
Don’t come near here. Between friendship and enmity sometimes there’s only one step. You have crossed it, All this time we were like one in the crew.I had your back and you had mine. Through thick and thin for a lifetime. I’m burning all our memories. Are you proud of what you did? This was supposed to be a family and now everything has changed. Betrayed your family. Disgraced us to be friends with them. You have humiliated us. I can’t understand after all this time. Why you did it?. Sell your soul. Break all ties. Sell your soul. Die alone. Betrayal is what you have chosen. Betrayal how could you do it?. Betrayal you will get yours well deserved. Betrayal you can’t go back. Fuck you! Fuck everything about you. Don’t come around us. We don’t accept you here
Track Name: Hardcore Lives
When it seems that all was lost. We fight together more than ever.
When it seems it was going to end. We joined our hands. We are here.
Listen our words. Hardcore lives. Don’t try to stop us. Step by step. This is a real fact. We don’t just think about it. We live in it. We are living it.
Everybody sing along. Real hardcore still alive. Dont try to stop us. So many kids singing along. So many kids as just one voice. Always in the air. Everybody sing along. We are the kids. In who people don´t believe. We are the kids. We will forever stay free. Prowling the streets, living free, enjoying life untill the day we die. Hardcore lives!

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