Promo Twenty Eighteen

by Stolen Mind

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notready2leave Nice addition to their discography. Lovin' both tracks, nice to see them perform and hang out with 'em everytime. Looking forward to the Album later this year! Favorite track: Devil In Disguise.


released April 19, 2018


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Hardcore/Punk label & distribution.

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Track Name: Devil In Disguise
All that’s left is this open book.
Empty promises and a thousand things you took.
But remember that talk is cheap.
And there’s not a single promise to yourself that you can keep.

Take a deep look in your mirror.
You’ll see my face but my view seems clearer.
It’s a shame that you keep running your mouth.
The sword is turned against the king.
There is no doubt.

You stabbed my back once.
You tried to stab it twice.
I smell the devil in disguise
long before you realize
Trust is broken – cause it’s never been there.
There’s no need to set this record straight.

No need to set this straight.

It makes my heart break
seeing your face in this.
Recollections still fill my veins.
But with the starting shot
to this fucking game
my blood ran cold - this book is closed.
Track Name: Shelter
All our lives we’ve been told to grow up.
But no lie is more obvious than the truth.

Don’t pick me off the ground
cause I’m the one to watch.
I’ll smash the crown
of those who try to judge.
But why shall we wonder
nothing’s changed in years.
Wrong distribution of power
and this is getting worse.

My body’s strayed in this reckless place
where my soul has finally arrived.
Burdened with a wasted youth, the noose is placed around my neck.
And it’s slowly tightening on me.

It’s slowly tightening on me.

Cursed air to breathe – my lungs are caving in.
Weight on our shoulders – strength is running out.

Angry visions became my biggest nightmare.
The moments we sham being asleep
prove to be my only shelter.

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