Sick And Depraved

by Intense

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released May 22, 2015


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Hardcore/Punk label & distribution.

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Track Name: Sick And Depraved
too many people say they love and care
but within darkest hours they´re never there
they´re just walking out of your life
with no regrets never tried to help you
always chose to remain blind
what the fuck did you expect me to become
in a world that made me cold and numb the only thing that I have always known
is rejection from the place that I wanted to call home
still searching for a light that guides my way I am sick and depraved until my soul is saved
you don´t owe me, thanks for nothing anyway
life´s already hell to me and I´ve been running in circles trying to satisfy
is it the pain in my brain bringing the bloodshed eyes
cause I´ve been drinking and smoking since ninety nine and the only thing I am feeling is fire
Track Name: Erase The Past
never looking back, that´s what I always learn
you can´t remember the sting, when the wound hurts
I agree I take too much time, but I don´t want to waste my life
I know this won´t break me
I know this won´t change me
I know you can´t take me because I´ll take this whole world down
always look ahead, that´s what I taught myself, so I can see the greed, that grows in everyone else
black it, erase the past
track it find a path
no more
I´ll learn to grow, don´t want to waste my time, not gonna waste my life
before I´m too old, I will
black it, erase the past
track it, find a path
Track Name: Turning Point
we are forced into this world that´s full of shit
with our back against the wall they´ve got us, there is no chance to win
it´s too late we can´t turn it around take another step we´re getting close to the brink
no escape times running out and their lies will remain marking the rope
around our throats
do you believe everything you´re told
I don´t do you believe anything
anything at all
don´t cross your heart it´s all you´ve got
nameless fools
don´t waste your time open your mind ignorance is the greatest threat of these times
Track Name: Modern Time (Is Slavery)
I tell you modern life is slavery but still you say I feel free
you get money to pay it´s the rich you obey
we´re all lost in the veil and to ruin we hail
please tear us down we add in to our fate
they numbed our souls replaced the peace withing ourselves
poisoned our hearts
let no room for nothing else
take me in so foolish to resist
controlled secure an liberty
what a fucking noble gift
don´t crack the veil
no not step out of line
we´re all the same
mute and blind
that´s why they shield and they guard so we know what´s right
the endless cycle daily grind live and die
birth work die
until the day I die

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