Something Inside

by Something Inside

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released April 29, 2006



all rights reserved
Track Name: No Escape
The addiction
will lead to your grave

you can't see the light
through the bottom of your bottle
believe me, trust me
it shines so bright and clear

you try to escape from reality

believe me, trust me
you can break free

pull your head out of the mud
Track Name: Our Tracks
I look at the fucking days
that we spent together
footprints in the dust of time
i'm not afraid to be alone
because these memories are alive

in our fucking hearts - my friend
in our fucking hearts - my friend

but it's hard to figure out
that the distance tries
to cover up our tracks - our tracks

i'm not afraid to be alone - to be alone

but promise me you won't forget
the days we spent together
footprints in the dust of time

promise me you won`t forget
Track Name: Ohh Shit!
I saw you left your heart at the door
what means fucking more
than these times
the feelings that i live
i will cry my heart out for it

don't count me out
don't stand in the back
move before i'm dead
ooh shit!
Track Name: It’s Up To You & We’re The Few
won't take another bite
my fucking choice is made
because animals get
locked up in a cage
and i've seen their
blood, tears, pain
and the end in chains
but i care about their cries
their cries

i won't take another bite

now you know it's up to you!
before you take another bite
think of their fate
think of their fate
their fate!

Ideals shrugged off as passing phase
to you - just wasted days
can the past be so far and gone?
it's so clear
what went wrong

we're not like you
we're not like you
we're the few who still believe
we're the few who still remain

clean the dirt from your mind
see through objective eyes
seperate the truth from the lies
and realize
we're not like you
Track Name: Never Fading Views
I won't hate you
just because we`ve gone
different ways
but I stay the same
new steps and new days
I am straight edge!
and my views will never fade

yes, I can't turn shit to gold
but I can try to grow
in the storms of your moods
till the end of my time