Sudden Death

by Cornered

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released March 1, 2015


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Hardcore/Punk label & distribution.

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Track Name: Piece Of The Pie
breaking my back every fucking day. you sit on your hands and it´s all coming your way. no efforts made but you still dare to complain. enjoy the comfort while we´re out in the rain. victim of circumstance you´re a fucking disgrace. something needs to be done while you´re hiding your face. first in line to claim a piece of the pie. you´re never there to do the dirty work, but you still want a piece of the pie. first one in line to hold up your hand. pure laziness, unwilling to understand. another wasted day of your wasted life. another wasted lifeform with nothing in sight.
Track Name: Save Me
kiss the sky goodnight. pulled through another day. minutes turn to hours to days, weeks. nothings stays. burning time, dwelling in loneliness. another step forwards to escape from total regress. in fear to stay behind I leap into the dark. no one to catch me when I fall. Save me. take me by the hand. lead me the way. I haven´t got the courage to find the light of day. god save me. something changed and made me this way. pacing inside my cage, seeking the calm. every way I turn brings me pain and unrest. my blood runs cold but my hart still beats inside my chest. give me back my youth with the knownledge I obtained. just to try and prevent the way I changed. everything I´ve tried turning to total demise. take a look see the world through me eyes
Track Name: Burning Inside
never knew what I´ve done wrong. stuck in a hole far too long. now Im out and insecure. how many times will I endure. and it keeps on itching. it keeps on hurting. it keeps on eating away at me. I´m burning inside despite all I´ve tried. for me the die is cast when dwelling on the past. seems to be the only answer. can´t let go of this lovelike cancer. I´m burning my time away. I´ve got to free myself from my own hell. I´ll meet my maker at the bottom of a wishing-well.
Track Name: My Own Enemy
forced into this treacherous world I´m losing grip. my mind awaits the trigger to release the bullet from the clip. I´m on the wrong track drifting further away. no hope in coming back, I´m signing off today. all the hope in me died but I keep looking up. no matter how many times I´m close to giving up. and every time I do wrong and know it´s too late. there´s always something new to cross my path and fuel my hate. I try and try to find a brighter side in a life with nothing left to decide. stuck in a mold, a slave to the grind. just another fool with nothing but money on his mind. wasted days and nights it´s all the same. just trying to find a way to escape your little mindgame. and every moment in life I fucked up made me see there´s nothing else that makes me more enraged than me. I´m my own enemy. there´s nothing left for me in this world
Track Name: Empty Inside
empty words easily spoken. threee little words used as a token of affection. but now affection´s denied. I once cared but I left it behind. not asking for an explantion, I always knew that this wouldn´t last. tried my best to change the situation but your head´s up your ass. went back on everything you ever said, your love was like a curse. a connection that we never had. now you choke on your words. cold hearted. snake eyed. twor faced. spread wide. and accept the fact you´re empty inside.
Track Name: Left For Dead
running through my frozen mind. dreams of hearing laughter. cold awakening bitterness, misery hereafter. love won´t make me up anymore. cast down from something that is no longer mine. true sense of loneliness has got me confined. left for dead. I´ll face this world on my own. real rain pours down, misery keeps me calm. find me a place above or below. a place to call home. a face to call my own.
Track Name: Your Ignorance
whoever asked you to waste all of my time. not gonna listen to you boggle my mind. I have to sit here and sift through your shit. nobody´s listening, we don´t have to deal with it. your ignorance will lead you nowhere. nothing you say will ever change the way I feel. I know these wounds won´t ever fucking heal. never hestitated to shut your fucking mouth. your opinion we can live without. your ignorance will lead you nowhere. don´t wanna hear it but you leave me no choice. I´ll slice my ears off to stop hearing your voice. now I got to sit here while your words fry m brain. another minute of your shit will drive me insane. your ignorance will lead you to your fucking grave. as I gaze down on you descend into the abyss. true satisfaction a face I´ll never miss.
Track Name: Deceiver
trying my best ot be a better man. live up to expectations do the best I can. constant misfortune, envy and deceit. daily fucking problems for me to beat. enemies spent hours trying to cut me down. wasting all their energy slander around. paranoia prevails but I´m keeping my cool. I need to live my life for me and not for fools. deceiver. condemned all my sins. deceiver. the punishment within. mistakes I´ve made hunt me down forever. wasted my life beating myself up. making amends better late than never. time for your guilt trip to fucking stop. refuse to live a life driven by vengeance. holding on to what I´ve got. gotta stick to all my best intentions. while in misery you rot. whore.
Track Name: Alone
defeated and lost. no place to call home. stuck in a void. sick and tired. cold and istant. no need for your acceptance. I´ll make it on my own. waiting for the end redemption´s out of sight. living to die. won´t play your games no more. living to die. no hope forevermore. overpaid my dues. bound to lose. no hope, no dreams, no clue. how to live this life don´t know which way to choose. now I´ve turned everywhere I can go. and it sickens me to face the truth. I am alone. gotta be a way to find shelter from the storm. of shit raining down on me escaping the norm. I´m losing this fight. running down the road of life, it´s covered with mud. there´s no other way to get away from the flood. my eyes are pouring out my heard I´m going insane. everything ends in pain.
Track Name: Serve The Beast
the hunger building up as your eyes start to twitch, sweaty palms, rubber legs, but you can´t stop the itch. craving to ingest, but it´s out of reach. my thoughts are choking me, the lights are blinding. seeking peace and calm, but I can´t find it. a slave to my body, martyr of mind. frantic self destruction, god´s creation deceased. you can run but it´ll get you. serve the beast, the rattling of the shackles my hands are tied. no escape from this disease, I know I fucking tried. shaking and sweating, gotta get a fix. the days are never-ending until I hit the bricks.

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