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released September 6, 2013


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Hardcore/Punk label & distribution.

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Track Name: Drowned In Hoax
why did you say that you will care when you do nothing but hide
addiction leads to perdition / your jokes turned to helpless cries
the city lights will burn again but our connection seemed to fade
it´s a turning point in my life / I have to do it / hopefully not once again
after it started it was plain to see / the damage / the change of your mentality / dope won´t heal your pain / quit your coolness and clean your veins / ´cuz / every time I´ve seen your face I´ve tried to help you with all my strength / you trampled on my words / my spirit sunk after you´ve plunged again / drowned in hoax / you´re drowned in hoax AGAIN / you used my trust for you cheap games / this is the fucking end / life´s like a blinfold path / you´ll never know what´s next / I´d wish I could have foreseen bro / instead wasting my time with you / you´re drowned in hoax / gain / you used my trust / this is the fucking end / drowned in hoax
Track Name: Not Afraid
the days flew past / the road was long / the sin was eager to move on / addcited by passion / minded by friends / until today I see no end / it´s under my skin / it´s in my veins / the energy that ceases all pain / cuz / shortsightedness brought me nowhere / no mindset / just emptiness / are you afraid to lose it all / are you afraid to ris against the rest / so what / are you afraid / to express what you have inside / I´m not afraid / not afraid / don´t be afraid cuz it´s not too late to make a change / every time / every night / the sound won´t fade / our words won´t disappear / one life / one chance / so do it right / racism kills / good night white pride
Track Name: Sick World
the chain around my neck is nothing new to me / I used to live through this life of abuse and agony / captivity is my life / for entertainment without empathy / its amusement for everyone / but once this torture will break me / because no one cares / because no one thinks / this is fore real / so how would feel / when greed overcomes humanity / possession blinded everybody´s moral mentality / this is real / how would you feel / species-appropriate / who the fuck invented this / cruel trade / a pacifier of the mass
Track Name: When The World Turns
every time I try to close my eyes fo find a balance inside and to realize / the distance I´ve left behind to find the light / the spirit we´ve lost from inside / where is our mind / will there be a tommorrow / when the world turns / hostility / artificial laughs / bitterness / when will we ever grasp / will you pull the trigger when there is a better way to go / when the world turns against you / every day I have to see this shit / now it´s time to get rid of it / now it´s time realize that we have to pay the price for our heedless avarice / purity of heart can change our life / karma / women need guns to feel secure / kids intoxicate themselves to be mature / racial hatred and religious war / can we stop it now?
Track Name: Supreme
against / a world that´s wrong / they cannot defeat us / subcultures united / no matter how they treat us / we´ve got something / something to believe in / we´ve got something / something to believe / society keeps us down / we break the walls and stand our ground / united against a world that´s sick / there´s a reason why we won´t fit / we´ve got something / something to believe in / we´ve got something / something to believe / no more bullshit and no more hate / we fight for something better / our own estate / this is our time / together we can fight / we can make it / back to back / built on trust / you´ll never break it / reality is our life / no time to fake it / alright man / now is our time / we´ll run up our colors and show our fucking pride / burn it a billion times / you´ll never stop us / no matter haw hard you try
Track Name: Hold On
the radio high jacked my mind / I´m running in circles / deaf and blind / I´m pulling on a string they call it norm / I can´t hold fast / I can´t hold on / remember / I remember the goals I´ve once set / break through clouds of oppression in my head / I won´t conceal my feelings just to hide / to withold what is wrong and what´s right / it is time to speak my mind / to kick this bogus world one last time / money´s no excuse for the bullet in my neck / the harder you come / the harder we´ll fight back

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