The Path

by World Eater

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released May 7, 2016


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Hardcore/Punk label & distribution.

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Track Name: Man Made Hell
words that can't describe the horror, the pain / who is next in line / thousand lives taken in a blink of an eye / no more tears all hope has died / man made hell / who is to blame / in a blink of an eye love is denied / man made hell / we're all to blame / no exceptions no end in sight / bombs keep falling / children suffer / there is no way out of this misery / force fed lies, horrible cries / humanity's the devil / we're all next in line children cries / innocence dies / we're the masters of our / man made hell
Track Name: As Your Spirit Dies
(a) brief moment of happiness / a face with limited smiles / short presence / of a content thought / as your spirit dies / do you / do you feel anger and pain / when you see it all / and you you can't change a thing / not a bit of it / turn your back away / and it disappears / but look back again / and it's all still there / you hear / my thoughts and you criticize / but look at life through my eyes / there's nothing that I wanted more / than to have you by my side / you're filled with doubt / or just disappointment / when there's no trust no sincerity / unhappy, is all you ever feel / and alone, is all you'll ever be
Track Name: Lifesucker
my lungs are burning / my eyes turning red / am I still alive / or already dead ? / Iife is sucking the best out of me / searching for a cure / that I just can't see / I don't fucking / fucking care at all... / searching and searching / solutions not to find / hangin' from a rope / I made for myself / every breath is taking so much strength / I'm gonna make it end / you sucked the life out of me
Track Name: Drifting Apart
I'm getting tired but I can‘t stop / my time is running out / but I won't stop / I brought you in / showed you the way I feel / with all my heart, what I believe it's real / seems it's over / no turning back / wasted efforts, wasted time / just fucking sucks / I don't expect you to understand / you chose a different way / which is cool for me / I stay the same, no problem at all / all the best for you / just leave me the fuck alone / true to myself / I watched you coming / and I will watch you go / same old bullshit / the same old boring show / the best of luck / I hope that you'll find / what makes you happy / gives you some peace of mind
Track Name: Leave The Past Behind
here I go / here I go again / another try to make it through another day / inner conflicts, a living nightmare / the hardest fights are not the physical ones / it's time / to leave the past behind / to look forward / taking now what is mine / so many stones thrown in my way / not let them holding me / not let them holding me back / time and time and time and time and time again / looking for a way to get trough, to remain sane / intoxicate my body, put my soul to rest / in a world with no place for the second best / downfall / can I survive / can I survive with my current state of mind / downfall / internalize / internalize that only the strong survives / downfall / the time is now / to take control / about myself / downfall / I'll keep on fighting / fighting 'till the end
Track Name: Inside View
people ask / why am I still doing this / the answer's short / I just belong to it / don't see myself anywhere else / than on the road with some good pals / don't need / need you / to understand the things that I do / good friends, the best of times / travelling the world / leave all my sorrows behind / I'm looking back on quite a few years / where I've been a stranger to most of my peers / there's no need to explain myself / to each his own, live and let live / don't need / need you / to understand the things that I do / good friends, the best of times / travelling the world / leave all my sorrows behind / don't know where I would be / if I didn't found this way / my destiny / it doesn't matter / it is how it is / I love what I do / I do what I love / now tell me something about you?
Track Name: Said And Done
I know about your struggles / what you've been through / but that can't be an excuse / for the shit you do / it fucking hurts and it's fucking true / I can see your face but I can't see you / what went wrong / where's been the point when you turned your back on me / where's been the point / when you lost all the faith in yourself? / through thick and thin / at least that's what I thought / we are ment to be / to bad that I was wrong / you've never been that strong / you only played a part / but believe me in the end and I tell this as your friend / when all is said and fucking done / you're not fooling me / you just betray yourself
Track Name: The Path
I remember / like it's been yesterday / this feeling / I haven't known until that day / I've been so young, so lost / so full of rage / until I found a thing that I could call my own / the path / heart on my sleeve / something to believe / for you and me / the path / never look back / always straight ahead / my air to breath / there's nothing / nothing else I'm looking for / nowhere / nowhere else I want to go / I'm here to stay / through good and bad / eternity / let's fucking make it last today! / sure / there will be times when your back to the wall / the key is just that you remain standing tall / face your demons, smash them out of your way / never stop believing / and walk this path with me / the path / never stop believing / and walk this path with me / the path / never stop believing / and walk this path with me!
Track Name: Circles
caught in a circle / only told what we should hear / the truth is not an option, honesty disappeared / forced - to life - in traditions / brought from ancient times / seems like no-one reflects anything / following leaders who commit the crimes / seems like / no one's / no one's asking why / that's how it goes from birth / until we die / but we're the ones no longer / stay in line and remember / you can't kill us all!!! / I'll keep on asking / I'll keep on asking why / not let you numb my senses / I am not fucking blind / I know you want me silent / eat out of your hands / but not this time / or any time from this day forth / still just a few, but getting more and more / there comes a day / when you just can't ignore / the people have a voice / and they will use it / sure you can try / but you can't kill us all
Track Name: Deal With It
one more time I'm telling you / get it, get it / no one fucking needs you / get it, get it / just a fucking piece of shit / get it, get it / you better start to deal with it / get it, get it / think twice / check your fucking head / think twice / hope it's not too late
Track Name: The Dark Road
for once again I'm travelling / alone on this dark road / shattered dreams / broken beliefs / I'll put my mind on hold / keep searching and searching / and hope one day I'll find / someone who's waiting for me / until the end / until the end of time / forced to live in a world / where death is waiting every day / at every corner / raped and killed for a different state of mind / believe what they tell or you will suffer endless pain / I wished I've had some words of wisdom / some fucking answers / got to break the chains / have to start again / find my inner peace / and rearange / it fucking hurts / death by my side / there's no space left for me to hide / every day I hang my head / stay awake at night / searching for the positive things / the things that I can‘t find / I wish I had an answer / to ease this fucking pain / solutions better come quick / before I'll go insane / everyday / I hang my head / all the time / it feels that I am dead / losing emotions, can‘t find love / the end is near / can someone pick me off the ground?
Track Name: Narrow Minded
game over / I'm fucking done / not any longer / (I'm) gonna stay behind a fool like you / the fucking truth / is plain to see / the you and me / is nothing else but history / trapped in selfishness / a narrow minded fool / narcistic to the bone / but in the end all alone / insane stupidity / don't come to me / looking for redemption / since I will / never again / never believe / nn anything you're telling me / trapped in selfishness / a narrow minded fool / narcistic to the bone / but in the end all alone / you've got my back / you've got my trust / but can I count on you? / I make a bet / that I can't! / always trying to get the best of me / do you really think I am to blind to see? / empty promises, a broken bond / get out of my face / or I'm going to BUST !
Track Name: Say Goodbye
a time in the future, not to far away / the death of our world, we've been told in many ways / destroyed by neclect, now breeding despair / polluted oceans, unbreathable air / look upon the world you knew / say goodbye, it dies with you / those who live / when we are fucking dead / will curse our names / piss on our graves / do you really asking why / since the answer we all know to well / threatening the world like a piece of shit / now facing consequences / with all might we get hit / look upon the world you knew / say goodbye, it dies with you / those who live / when we are fucking dead / will curse our names / will piss on our fucking graves / be ready / be aware / our end is coming / the tomb awaits us / hear the reaper laughing / laughing at your face / the world is dead / we all die in disgrace! / We've missed the point / when we still had the chance / to righten out our wrongs / but we choose ignorance / profit rules everything / we're to blind to see / all that we've build is just a living hell / for every breed
Track Name: Prove You Wrong
I'm falling / I don't expect / I don't expect you to catch me / I'm crawling / I don't expect / I don't expect you to pick me up / I don't wanna know / don't wanna know / what you've got to say / I don't fucking care / don't fucking care / about you at all / I don't give a shit / don't give a shit / I'm done with it / done with it / done with it / these streets have made / who I am today / a long way to go / not afraid to move on / brace myself / leaving the shadows behind / no mercy for those who remain staying blind / no mercy for you / I wonder what you think / you think to know about me / you've never really cared / you've never cared about a single thing / I will never ever waste / ever waste a single breath anymore / I'm getting up by myself / since I will prove you wrong / prove you wrong / prove you wrong!
Track Name: Challenge With Gods
crush false idols bury them down deep / I can't wait to see them fail from promises they can't keep / blind devotion, germination twisting in your mind / I can see through all your lies cause my eyes won't staying blind / I challenge your laws / destroy your believes / I stick to my guns / a promise I keep
Track Name: 23-4-92
time / don't heal / don't heal a thing / regret the things / (that have) been left unsaid / no day's gone by / where I'm not / thinking about you / miss your leading hand / wise words / endless grace / gone far too soon / taken out of my life / leave me stranded / alone and in despair / so many things been left unsaid / no more chance since it's just too late / I will keep my words till the day I die / when we'll meet again on the other side / can't see but I know you're here / watching over me when darkness appears / still it hurts and it will ever do / back then and forever / I miss you / time don't heal / don't heal a thing / regret the things that have been left unsaid / still it hurts / and it will ever do / back then and forever / I miss you

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