Tough Love

by Hawser

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released May 3, 2017

© Hawser & Farewell Records
Record, mixed & mastered by Daan Nieboer @ Cornerstone Audio.


all rights reserved




Hardcore/Punk label & distribution.

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Track Name: Tough Love
lust reigns in the kingdom of the weak
give in the desire, hear the lovers weep
reach out for light but agony you'll find
do as you please, tough love is gonna leave you blind
Track Name: In Harmony
they say every dog will have it's day one day
well I'd wait for years if you had your say in this play
but I'm sorry babe, you always stood in
my way I cut the cord,
I had to do this for me and

I've come so far and I've lost my way
amongst promises you'd always break
how dare you think I'd forever stay
when in one place you'd remain

how far can one man go?
to suffer the path and be left with no
name, face, place to call home
swallowed by lust, I suffer alone

bite back, take back control
took everything and came back for me
sing along to the songs of love lost
march on to the beat of love lost

so who am I to blame?
who am I to mourn?
took all that I owed
and now you've settled the score
divided we fall and now we turn to dust
in harmony we howl the cries of love lost

in harmony we howl the cries of love lost
the hymns of the damned we sing forevermore
you gave it all that you had and now
you pay the price
left empty handed out the back door
Track Name: Hell-Bent (The Bottle Pt. II)
make up your mind, you better eat it
I don't need your help, I don't need it
suffer the cycle all over again
lose my mind all over again

take another one, you'll feel better
well doc, I ain't feelin' any better
fed these demons with your false alarms
gave them my hand they took my fucking arm

so what is left now? what will I be?
a name on a label? a loose fantasy?
a shell of the man that you used to see?
give me another one, I don't wanna be me

but all I needed was some company
shelter from the cold in two arms
to keep me safe from myself
keep these demons at bay
happiness bails when I call her name
Track Name: Let The Judas Rot
whenever I get up you just let me down
I hope we never cross paths
or see your face around here man
no good news

dirt on your hands and yI'll never understand
how you smash what is good and you spoil what is gold
fingers graze and the weak succumb
but I see right through and I know your kind
dirt cheap talk in a world of lies but I

won't walk that line in the land of rats
I still set aside and I'll always despise
the filgth of greed in your eyes
I see through
what you hide holds no place in my mind

so step the fuck inside

step inside
the crown is mine
the law is comin' your way
and you know it's time
say your prayers
wave goodbye
head on the scaffold
it's rollin' time
Track Name: Coup De Grace
land so barren even the vultures weep
open eyes but I'm still asleep
as I roam and rot amongst the lowest of the low
one last vice is the final blow
they say the bigger they are, the harder they fall
living proof and I've seen it all
but the hand of regret can't break the hand of deceit
I roll the dice again with all odds
against me

pave the path to misery for me
open eyes but I'm still half asleep
dread the day when the truth comes
set me free

so you can take it for you can leave it
I put myself in this mess and I can't fuckin' escape
world keeps fucking spinnnin' and it's out to take me
and I know another lie might be enough to break me
but the hand of regret can't break the hand of deceit
I roll the dice again with all odds
against me

I burn

I burn with every fucking word you never spoke
in the end on your own bleeding tongue
you choke
Track Name: Case Closed
it's funny now, it's all laid to rest
I couldn't see myself without you
now there's nothing left
and I know it's me, it's I who chose
I'm sorry that I left your mind void of rejoice
and now

your words ring in the back of my mind
the hammer swings and now justice finds
it's way in the court of all the wrongs
made mine
case is closed, the verdict signed

you let me go and you sucked me dry
left with nothing, told me nothing but lies
I cut the cord, will never see you around
fuck ever thought of you
I'll put you deep in the ground

so when you finally close that book
I hope you make amends and burn every page
was never worth a single word you wrote
so forget my name
and forget my face I'm gone
Track Name: Babylon
evil lurks as the whole worlds burns,
they're up in towers, theyy await their turns
call the shots, they pull every string
better dance to the note of every song they sing
and you better know that when they bring it back
they'll take every penny that you ever had
suck you dry and tie you down
stripped of freedom
they hold the crown

obey the law in the land of greed
suffer if we bite the hand that feeds

they bought us up, sold us out
faith no more, leftt in doubt
no hope left, just an empty hand
better point the finger at your fellow man
and if you can't blame him
another man will fall
to lift your burden
and drag their trawl
they'll line you up against the wall
your time will come

history repeats
common man stomped under tyrants' feet
babylonia feeds
we're cannon fooder for their golden fleet
Track Name: Shed The Skin
release me, defeat is me
rid me from the filth tht I used to be
shed my skin, I'm born again
rise from the ashes onto new lands
where the soil is rich and the air is clean
it's been so many years since I got to breathe
but these chains are mine and now I set me free
rid me from the filth that I used to be
true to me

been a noose to you
dead weight, of no use to you
been a noose to you
need to be something new to you

mama's boy grew a little older
bad taste in my mouth
and a chip on my shoulder
no more damn reason to try and safe face
lived every vice and every fucking mistake so
Track Name: Under Your Spell
what is happening?
how have you been?
you found your way back to me again
I wrote you off
led you astray
you smell the scent of my fear from fucking miles away

threw me into the dark of night
now my eyes have adjusted to this lack of light
way to go,
just like that, pull me back again
seduce me with your lies and all your false pretense

of better days and clear blue skies
meadows bloom and open eyes, wide
where flowers grow and river flow
but still water's all I'll ever know

I'm so done with the guilt and shame
you've passed your judgement and I've staked my claim
and maybe one day I will feel no pain
but for now you stay in place

I fed you vulture 'til you fucking bloated
you picked the flies off of me right to the fucking bone
gave a hand, took my arm and now I finally see
needed you more than you'll ever need me

but -i've tread behing enemy lines before
lost sanit and clear sight before
se me free for the sake of me
won't lay the blade at my feet

my oldest friend,
no good to see you again
leave me be and well both repent
was away the sins and just le me be
under your spell but with clear sight I see

I set me free

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